• You’ve just consolidated your pensions and are looking to secure the value of your estate
  • You’ve developed a diverse portfolio of investments and want to protect your capital
  • You are buying a new home, or are looking to renew a mortgage on your existing home, and want to protect the asset


An accident or serious health issue could be all that it takes to come off the rails.


Losing your source of income can have a huge impact on your financial security.


Secure your assets and capital to limit your exposure to market fluctuations.


At Integritas Financial Planners, we specialise in helping individuals and small to medium-sized businesses to achieve their goals through holistic financial planning, support and protection. The market for investment protection products is complex, with many providers offering products that overlap. With our independent expertise in this field, we will help you to navigate through the landscape of investment protection products to ensure you have the best blend of products to suit your individual financial circumstances, aspirations and attitude to risk.

This means we will:

  • Review your current financial circumstances, and understand your financial goals
  • Identify the best blend of pensions, investments and protection products to match your aspirations and risk appetite
  • Implement the plans that we agree on your behalf and continually monitor progress

“I needed to get a grip of my pensions and discuss options for a shorter to mid-term investment. Mark was able to compound these into a single pension with a good track record. He also listened to me and geared the investment around my circumstances, financial attitude to risk and long-term aims.”


The Integritas Financial Planning Process

At Integritas, we take the time to understand your financial goals – and work with you to attain them. We do this using a five-step process:


Build a clear picture of your current financial circumstances, with no obligations

Your Aims & Objectives

Clarify your aims, objectives and timescales over which you wish to achieve your goals

Review & Recommendation

Analyse your current position; highlight gaps and recommendations to reach your goals

Implementing Your Plans

We explain our report and answer any questions or concerns you may have

Ongoing Review

Regular face-to-face reviews to keep you updated and make any necessary changes


Client Testimonials

"I was recommended to Mark by a good friend of mine, and I have to say that it one of the best financial decisions that I have made. Mark has made the world of pensions a lot clearer and more friendly for me. I would not hesitate in recommending Mark to anyone looking for financial help."


"I contacted Mark so that I could sort out life cover for both me and my wife. He was very professional and also down to earth. The process was quick and painless (on my behalf) and Mark talked me through every aspect as well as chasing up any questions I had. Would highly recommend to others."

Derby, Derbyshire

"Mark reviewed my current situation and discussed my attitude to risk and my expectations for the future. Mark took it all on board, assessed my situation with close regard to the current Pension changes (explaining each in detail) and this allowed me to make an informed decision. With his frequent meetings and support, all the way it was a very painless process and I have confidence in his professional expertise and commitment to the right decision being taken by me."

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

"Mark has taken charge of altering the mix of investments I inherited, to better match my attitude to risk and thereby optimise my gains, in line with that attitude to risk. He has, what seems to me to be, a good – scientific – method of assessing my attitude to risk as well as a clear view of how that needs to translate into a mix of investments, so I feel confident that investments will be pitched correctly for me. Mark is now assessing my options for my pensions and appears to be doing a very thorough job – asking questions that I didn’t know needed asking!"