31st October 2022 is Pension Awareness week. Are you ready for your retirement?

You only retire once. Make sure you make the most of it.

Did you know that your pension is currently invested for you and it’s important to monitor the funds that you are invested in to ensure that they remain, suitable for your individual circumstances?


Saving into a pension pot is a long-term commitment. The aim is for your pension pot to grow over a long period of time. With that in mind, you should regularly review your pension arrangements, every year or more often depending on your circumstances. When you start to look towards retirement, you might spend time thinking about how you will spend your days. This should be the time when you finally get to do as you please – work part-time, take on a personal project, tour the world or, without any guilt, simply do absolutely nothing. It’s taken you a lifetime to get here, and a bit of planning can help you enjoy it to the full.

Part of these thoughts will involve your finances, particularly any pension you have built up. It has no doubt involved sacrifices to maximise its value and therefore merits some serious thought to make the most of it.

Decisions, decisions: important choices to make


Reforms to the pensions system increased the choices available to pension savers. You can choose how to access your pension pot, and your approach can be tailored to your own personal circumstances. You might decide to buy a lifetime income via an annuity, withdraw your pension in lump sums, or leave your pension pot untouched until a later date. Above all, whatever strategy you choose, you will have to live with your choices for the rest of your life,
so it’s essential to make the right decision.

The best option for you

Our retirement review service can help you to make the right choice and maximise the income available, whichever option you choose. We offer a free initial discovery meeting so we can build a clear picture of your current circumstances, what your plans are and what can be done, with no obligations.

If you would like more information, please call our office on 01283 372668 and we can discuss the benefits and outline the process in more detail. It will take only a few minutes but could end up giving you real security in your later years.


Image Source: Pexels