Are We Getting Poorer Due To Inflation? How To Deal With The Rising Cost Of Living!

It’s not just your imagination – bread and milk really do cost more than they did last year.

There are many factors behind the massive inflation of the last couple of years, but what is the real impact of all of this and, more importantly, what can we do about it?

Many of us don’t see any opportunities to cut down on our spending. We have mortgages to pay (and banks are not very understanding when we want to pay less!), expensive commutes, medical insurance payments, and many other financial responsibilities that won’t simply disappear during a recession.

It’s very easy to say “swap out fresh fruit and veg for tinned beans” but the fact is, if you want to stay healthy and happy, not all “money-saving hacks” will help you – and they may in fact hinder you.

Our Top Tips To Make It Through A Recession

If you can, try and make these simple cuts to your lifestyle:

Streaming Services

Consider if you are really getting your money’s worth from all those film and TV subscriptions such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and DisneyPlus, particularly if you have a membership to more than one. After all, you only have so much time in a day to watch TV. Choose just one and cancel the others. You’ll more likely appreciate the TV and films available on the one streaming service you stick with afterwards.

Gym Memberships

The gym is great if you’d like to work out surrounded by like-minded people who are also interested in getting or staying fit, but if you’re just looking to get some exercise, parks and streets are completely free, and so are bodyweight exercises in your living room!

Phone Bills

Negotiate with your mobile phone provider for a better monthly deal. If you’re paying for data that you don’t really use, talk to your provider and ask them to set up a new contract for you that doesn’t have you wasting your money on unused data or minutes.

Bide Your Time

Have you got an eye on a new car or a great-sounding investment but you’re already feeling the pinch? Hold out for as long as you can. If now is not the time to be splashing out, don’t pressure yourself. Investments will always be around, and your dream one may come around in the future, when you’re financially in a much healthier place.

Diversify Your Investments

It’s best to not put all your eggs in one basket. When you diversify the goal is to reduce the investment risk you are exposed to by allocating your investments across different asset classes which will react differently to the same economic events. 

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In conclusion, we are getting poorer as a result of inflation - this is a difficult time for many people. Integritas can help you sort out your finances so that you can make the most of what you do have and plan effectively for your financial future. Contact us today to find out more.

Image Source: Unsplash